Gooch did file a civil lawsuit against all four men that was eventually settled out of court. The other two would wait around the block in the S.U.V. Once he got there, he asked if his friend could also come up.,,,,,

Movies about astronauts and space are so often also about estranged fathers and sons. The next day, they worked off their hangovers by checking out Ground Zero before strolling into the bustle of Chinatown for lunch. The first call went out to the National Crime Information Center, alerting law enforcement to be on the lookout for a gray minivan with temporary plates, the description of a vehicle seen screeching away from the library. He took a cab to Dam Square, an old hippie hangout in the center of the city he had read about on the Internet. "I was scared I was not going to be able to breathe, I was also terrified I was going to have a heart attack. Leave a message.” A Google search of Spencer Reinhard brought up numerous hits for soccer in the Lexington area.

A terrible shortcut, bad weather and some ridiculous decisions later... their names and what they had to do to survive quickly became part of US folklore. On the 17th of December, 2004, Transylvania University librarian Betty Jean Gooch was waiting for her meeting with a man named Walter Beckman - within hours, a crime was committed that is now listed a... – Lyssna på 255 - The Transy Book Heist av Do Go On direkt i din mobil, surfplatta eller webbläsare - … In 1976, a group of South Korean and US soldiers were ordered to cut down a poplar tree in the Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea.

Realizing that the only way out was through the main floor, they took the elevator up once again and carried the books into a back stairwell that led to another exit. Afterward, they returned to the Hilton for an early night. When an agent called, he got a voice-mail recording, “This is Spence. Spencer was arrested in a simultaneous raid on his dorm room at Transy. Nothing panned out until mid-January, when, following a federal subpoena, Yahoo delivered all the data on its servers related to the address. Warren and Spencer readied themselves early without waking the others, silently showering, shaving, and putting the finishing touches on their outfits. “He looked like he was dressed from a thrift store,” Halloran told the agents. All these girls I could draw better than when I was in sixth grade.”. Lipka made an appointment to see the books as "Walter Beckman." Read about our approach to external linking. After the episode about Sir Donald Bradman we've had a few listeners saying all the cricketing lingo was a bit confusing at times, so we've tried to explain the basics in this mini episode! He thought he was much better than everybody else, and he got to the point where he wasn’t like us.

Behind the main building and through three blastproof security doors is the prison visitors’ room, where I meet separately with Likpa, Reinhard, and Borsuk for a series of interviews almost a year into their sentence.

“So we go back down to the bottom floor just to get away from her. Because this is so much bigger than anything we’ve done before.”. This episode was recorded as part of our live stream series! Lipka and Borsuk wrestled the two Audubons, both as big as a side table, into a blanket, and also grabbed the original drawings, the Darwin, the "Ortus Sanitatus" and a 1432 illuminated psalter, Gooch said. By discussing this existential journey they set out on nearly 15 years ago for an audience, they’re making their peace with their own kind of graduation day. As they scooted down the stairs their arms gave out and they stopped to catch their breath.

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[Warren’s] like, ‘Come on up,’” Eric remembers. The L.P.D. . “It was only a tennis final,” Eric says, “but that final that day was actually harder than I thought it was going to be. The books were much heavier than the boys had projected, and the pair could handle only three at a time. Johnny Depp exits ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise, Review: ‘Mank’ is a grand contribution to Hollywood history, Review: Borat is back, and this time he fits right in, ‘Tenet’ to head to home release in Dec. after theatrical run, After a golden year, Bayern’s Flick eyes win over Dortmund, Lesley Manville flexes new muscles in thriller ‘Let Him Go’. Suddenly without Eric’s mock-ups, software, and equipment, Warren thought of Spencer.

Ultimately, the Transy Book Heist crew found salvation through self destruction. "The bottom line is I don't bear them any ill will. “He was visibly unnerved,” Warren remembers. “You know, most people look at that painting as if it was a plan destined to fail, but at the same time, we were planning to fail.”, “In a few years we’ll be released. Far from being social outcasts, they had been popular athletes, and two were on some form of college scholarship. But just over a decade after that fictional novel was published, it actually happened! “It was hard for us. Time, and the movie, have given Gooch the space to consider forgiveness, or at least a better understanding of why four young men of privilege were willing to hurt her. When they saw the women, the two costumed men turned around and left. Shortly thereafter he was introduced to a Lexington Catholic alumnus who was making an easy living in identity theft.

into a perfect parking space and watched as Eric and Warren entered the library. So I walk off happy, come back to the States, and blow Spencer’s mind.”. .

She recalled being in the library months after the attack, making copies for someone. Before, in college, growing up, we were being funneled into this mundane, nickel-and-dime existence. Phase 3 is the escape, which involves switching the G.T.A.V. Let's take a look at the making of a legend ; the life of Robin Williams. It turns out that BJ Gooch, guardian of history, is also a pop culture junkie, who already knew of the young actors, Evan Peters and Barry Keoghan, who play Lipka and Reinhard. On the bubble between child star and burgeoning ingénue, the Yale junior vamped for us in our Fanfair section while promoting her 1991 Disney film, Sharon Stone plays her signature coy for Firooz Zahedi; the following spring audiences braced for a little thriller she starred in called. Buy tickets to our streamed shows (there are 8 available, all with exclusive extra sections):,,, In a duffel bag by his bed an F.B.I.

During a meeting in the basement, Warren convinced the other two that they were going to need a fourth, principally to help haul the nearly 250 pounds in Audubon folios out of the library. He loved that it had been made the screen saver on the F.B.I.’s computers. The painting is a kaleidoscope of images, including what appears to be a computer, a cell phone, a bong, the Transylvania library, and loose sheets of notepaper, floating above a desiccated one-eyed young man in a watch cap, kicking back on a beat-up couch with a blue dog on his lap. We all know the name Aretha. Having told their parents that they were going on a ski trip to West Virginia, that weekend they loaded the loot into Eric’s Ford Explorer and took off on the 12-hour drive to New York for their Christie’s appointment. They said that this set, Birds of America, sold for $12 million.’ I said, ‘Twelve million dollars, just sitting there? More than 20 years later, Jacobs sits atop a veritable fashion empire. Buy tickets to our live streamed shows, including episode 250 and this coming August 8: Chas not only lived in the yellow bungalow but also was a part owner of it with his father, a prominent Lexington real-estate investor.

Chas cursed Warren as an incompetent, and condemned the other two as burnouts, demanding that the three figure out a way to get the books appraised so they could move on to the next phase of the plan. When I get up there, B.J. By five P.M., Warren—as Beckman—was back on the phone with Gooch explaining that he had missed his appointment because he had been out of town on business. “We felt bad.”, Warren and Eric rode the elevator to the basement, but they couldn’t find the fire exit. In 1969, some of the most iconic acts of the 1960s performed at Woodstock for four days of peace love and music. Photographed by Nan Goldin at the tender age of 19, just about to release his Tony Richardson film. He’s probably thinking I blamed him for [stealing] the money, which I never really did. The severity of the requested sentences was predicated on the dual propositions that, although the Audubon volumes had never been physically removed from the library, according to the letter of the law they were nonetheless stolen—increasing the monetary value of the crime—and that the Black Cobra Stun Pen used to subdue B. J. Gooch not only inflicted “physical harm” but was in actuality “a dangerous weapon.” Worse still for the defendants, B. J. Gooch’s ordeal had become a cause célèbre among librarians, many of whom wrote letters to the judge arguing against leniency.

On the morning of December 16, Warren’s carefully scripted plan began to unravel almost immediately. and Lexington police put the pair under surveillance.

He was whisked into a squad car. The meeting initially hit a snag when Barry was put off by the boys’ youth. By that point Warren, Eric, and Spencer knew for certain they were going down. Among the prisoners are three of the four unlikely masterminds behind the Transy Book Heist: Warren Lipka, Spencer Reinhard, and Eric Borsuk. Listen now The Transy Book Heist Outlook The US college students who hatched an elaborate and oddball scheme to steal some of the world’s most valuable books. So we get the passport from the dude, plane tickets. We weren’t, like, hardened criminals, so we kind of had to really put up a front.” Warren deepens his voice: “‘How ya doing?’ That kind of stuff.” After an awkward back-and-forth, Warren finally handed the man the $500.

Going into prison as boys, they came out redeemed men with a new chance and a new perspective. She agreed. "What came across was a very human desire to leave a mark on the world, but these young men, they went about it all the wrong way," she said. agents poured in over the wreckage. When Halloran inquired about them, Spencer spoke up and offered to fetch them from the car. Warren and Chas go up to the Rare Book Room, on the third floor, and Warren “brings Gooch down hard and fast” with a stun gun, making her “a non-factor throughout the operation.” Warren and Chas then let Eric in and they begin wrapping the Audubons in bedsheets and put any smaller books in backpacks.


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