Suivre son activité Kyle kills Kimi when she protests their expulsion.

They are ex-military. [18] In July 2016, the production company announced the series had been cast and gone into production in Halifax, Nova Scotia. [19], In July 2016, Dimension Television announced Morgan Spector would play the lead character of Kevin Copeland. A sexual assault storyline that begins in the pilot is woefully mishandled during a lengthy mystery subplot.

The site's critical consensus reads, "The Mist's absorbing atmosphere and solid special effects struggle to overcome a generally uninspired story and performances. Kevin and Adrian release two prisoners from the local jail: paranoid soldier Bryan Hunt, an amnesiac who discovered the mist and came to town to warn everyone about it, and mysterious drug addict Mia Lambert. After Adrian's father calls him out for his bisexuality, Adrian kills him and reveals he was the one who raped Alex. 1 abonné

Certains héros de la série ont des ressemblances avec ceux de la nouvelle écrite par King, mais bea... Pour écrire un commentaire, identifiez-vous. The main characters start to function more as ciphers of those small-town anxieties rather than feeling like real people in extraordinary circumstances.

He returns to the others and claims his father killed Kevin, and convinces them to go to the mall. En 2013, les deux frères ont commencé à évoquer une histoire en dix parties… avant que tout ne reste en suspens.

Nathalie, still grieving her husband, starts to mentally unravel while Bryan and Mia strike up an unlikely friendship.

[1] The series aired for one 10-episode season on Spike from June 22 to August 24, 2017. Lire ses 270 critiques, Suivre son activité

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[22], The series received mixed reviews.

difficile de faire plus grotesque ! government announces major funding for Stephen King TV series", "First Season of 'The Mist' Should Also Be the Last", "The Mist – Stephen King's adaptation oozes a familiarity in which old-school horror fans will be happy – review",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Unfortunately, what we’re left with is a promising and intriguing concept wasted by clumsy writing and a cast who cannot transcend it. Publicité |

Later, Connor reveals he believes Jay raped Alex.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has an approval rating of 62% based on 39 reviews, with an average rating of 5.7/10.

Adaptation du roman homonyme de Stephen King, dans lequel un groupe de personnes est bloqué dans un supermarché à cause d'une brume surnaturelle dans laquelle se cachent des monstres. [15] It was unclear if film director Darabont would be involved in the series and the development remained stagnant for a period of time. Je ne comprends pas tous ces gens qui se plaignent que The Mist est lent, qu'il ne se passe rien, que le jeu d'acteur et parfois moyen et autre critique que l'on pourrait aussi reprocher à The Walking Dead qui pourtant fait un tabac.

Nous voilà avec de nouveaux personnages qui vont vivre un véritable enfer lorsqu’une brume va s’abattre sur leurs ville.

[21] The series was cancelled in September 2017. TV Shows; Netflix; The Mist’s finale just barely redeems its slow, mind-numbing first season. Complete and probably never to be renewed again.

Connor continues to mistrust Kevin and his group, having already re-arrested both Bryan and Mia.

An unexplained mist slowly envelops the town of Bridgeville, Maine, creating an almost impenetrable barrier to visibility. The three now free with Adrian, they escape the church. Ted and Vic, the game store employees, decide to use the dead bodies as bait. Connor indignantly provokes Kevin into assaulting him instead, giving Connor an excuse to arrest him. [26], Ed Power of The Daily Telegraph felt that it was a middling effort for King's works, and that it benefited from sticking to familiar horror themes and tropes.[27]. She’s head and shoulders above the rest of the cast and consistently fascinating even when saying preposterous things. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Spike's The Mist Series Is a "Reimagination," Not a Remake", "Updated: ShowBuzzDaily's Top 150 Thursday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 6.22.2017", "There's more to come on #TheMist...and you don't have to wait to see it.

The production marks the biggest entertainment production ever to shoot in the province. Wes, Clint's last remaining friend, is also military, but he denies any knowledge. Motivations become simpler, the direction gets sharper, and a real sense of atmosphere emerges. Bob et Harvey Weinstein, producteurs du film réalisé par Frank Darabont, ont annoncé un projet de mini-série tirée du livre de Stephen King dès la sortie du long-métrage en 2007.

[25] Indiewire reviewer Ben Travers described the plot as predictable and characters as "pretty awful", leaving viewers "rooting for the mist instead of those running from it". Recrutement |

Eve and Alex find a "Jay-free" area of the mall, despite Jay's occasional bids to convince Alex that he did not rape her. Connor arrives at the mall with Nathalie after being convinced by Nathalie that Jay's death will end the Black Spring. Pour être un sérievore assumé, on touche ici le fond avec un scénario qui s'étire jusqu'à la lie comme d'ailleurs les romans de King. The TV version of The Mist, however, clearly believes this is a story that can be milked for as long as possible. Kevin pleads with Connor to release Bryan and Mia. Kevin, looking for medicine, finds Adrian's mother's medication, and Adrian breaks down and confesses his rape of Alex. Though it feels forced, the pilot depicts Bridgeville as a place with skeletons in closets all over the place. On … Lire ses 1 397 critiques, Contact | [17] In April 2016, it was announced a deal had been reached with Spike to air the entire series.

[20] The series averaged a rating of 0.14 in adults aged 18–49, and 462,000 viewers per episode in Nielsen's Live+Same Day ratings.

It is based on the 1980 horror novella of the same name by author Stephen King. Kevin enters the house, where Adrian has cut himself, claiming his father attacked him and he killed him in self-defense. Ten years later, The Mist has become a Spike TV series. It is based on the 1980 horror novella of the same name by author Stephen King.

King’s novella has already been adapted by Frank Darabont in 2007, notorious for both its bleak atmosphere and human characters more terrifying than the giant Lovecraftian monsters that lurk in the mist. It’s in these all too brief moments that a real sense of frustration emerges.

Questions of faith and ethics are handled with all the subtlety of a giant tentacled beast, but credit must go to Conroy, whose character is sheltering in the church, for keeping most of these debates watchable. Nathalie claims to have seen God. [24], Chris Scott of The Observer described it as "relentlessly bleak, mean, and downright sadistic at nearly every turn", linking this with the falling ratings over the series' course. Previous versions kept the characters confined to the supermarket – save for escape attempts and foraging missions – whereas here, the series splits out its main cast into three groups: a large collection of residents at the mall and two smaller groups at the police station and the church respectively. Qui sommes-nous |

That these characters have more to them than some dirty secrets and an ability to make deranged decisions.

At the mall, Jay's restless wanderings find that Clint's friends have killed themselves. A ce titre, The Mist est la plus grosse production jamais acc... En adaptant l’histoire de Stephen King, l’équipe réunie autour de Christian Torpe a pris un certain nombre de libertés avec le texte original.

Unfortunately, there’s a real clunky element to the way these anxieties are included and it never really goes away as the series progresses. Kevin intervenes and is quickly overpowered by the survivors and is forced out of the mall along with Alex, Eve and Mia.

Gus threatens to tell the group what she did, and she tells him she knows about his hoarding food. New, 4 comments. Then, we’re back inside and it all dissipates as fast as the mist behind a closed door. The Mist heads to the smaller screen - but how does it fare? A distraught Nathalie attempts to kill herself; Mikhail stops her, only to be killed himself. Kevin Copeland and his wife Eve live in a small town with their daughter Alex. Retrouvez toutes les news et les vidéos de la série The Mist. Outside, Alex is rescued from the mist by Jay and watches helplessly from the car as the mist kills him.

Following the release of Frank Darabont's film adaptation of The Mist in 2007, executive producers Bob Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein announced plans to develop a miniseries based on the film. The others arrive, and after being accused of murder, Gus claims he found Shelley dead and saw Alex running away. Gone too are the various monsters that Thomas Jane and gang had to deal with in favour of something more personal and specific to the individual residents of the town. Pour ma part, j'ai bien aimée cette série, elle aborde plusieurs thématique importante comme le sentiment de rejet, la peur de la solitude et de l'abandon, l'éducation des enfants, l'homosexualité ... Bons acteurs, belle intrigue et très bonne reprise sous forme de série du film mist de Stephen king. They are largely unrelated to King’s original tale (though keep an eye out for a Mrs Carmody in a wry nod to the novella and film’s scary preacher lady).

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The Mist is an American science fiction-horror thriller television series developed by Christian Torpe. It combined moments of satire, horror, and political commentary with ease by keeping things simple and character-based.

Politique de cookies | When the others discover this, the majority group decides to establish rules. The Dark Tower hit cinemas earlier this month, Mr Mercedes is currently airing, and there’s the new adaptation of It on its way. Dans le programme télévisé, le fameux brouillard n’apporte pas avec lui des monstres, il rend les gens fous ou agressifs.

"[23] On Metacritic, the series has a weighted average score of 54 out of 100 based on 25 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".

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Alex comes up with the idea to release balloon SOS messages.

Game of thrones, Orange is the new black, Prison break.

Now, that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I doubt that is why most people are watching the show. Il au... Lancé en juin 2016, le tournage de The Mist a eu lieu à Halifax, au Canada.

Alex is raped at a party, and her friend Adrian tells her it was Jay Hiesel, the quarterback of the football team. The Rookie : le flic de Los Angeles - Saison 3, Stephen King : pas seulement un maître de l'horreur, Stephen King : les prochaines séries adaptées de ses romans, Stephen King sur Netflix : 6 films et séries à voir sur la plateforme, Saison US 2017/2018 : toutes les séries renouvelées et annulées, Scream, Buffy, L'Attaque des tomates tueuses... 20 films d'horreur adaptés en série.


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