Atlantean Physiology: The Atlanteans are offshoots of humanity that are biologically adapted to the deep ocean environment. namely some good quality images... Eyes Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Prequel, Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn), When Orvax found out about Arthur, he was overw… Thanatos | Others: Hunter Griggs, Wonder Woman When Atlanna escaped from Atlantis in order to escape the arranged marriage, Orvax had sent Men-of-War soldiers to hunt her down and bring her back to Atlantis. Aquaman Vol 7 #39(April, 2015). Dehydration - The main weakness of all Atlanteans is extended periods of time without water, which will severely weaken them, making Atlanteans lose most of their strength and powers. Aquaman Vol 7 #36(January, 2015) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Marius est un jeune homme tendre et calme. Black Jack |

Others: Lex Luthor | Deathstroke | Ares | Darkseid, Aquaman Nereus |

Justice League Villains | Whenever Atlanna would admonish him for these cruel acts; he would regularly beat and berate her in front of their first born. Ocean Master | Batman Villains | Sometime later, Orvax found out that Atlanna had a half-breed child named Arthur with Thomas Curry, he was then overwhelmed with jealousy and anger, so sentenced her to death by the Trench. Captain Demo | Orvax callously boasted of having already murdered both Tom and Arthur Curry in order to break her spirits, thinking this falsified news would keep her from leaving. NKVDemon | Scavenger | SHAZAM Villains |

Barbatos | Steppenwolf | Parademons Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Wonder Woman Villains, Comics Ares | Erich Ludendorff | Dr. Creature King |

Land-Masters | Impuissance masculine ou dysfonction érectile? Orvax had always told Orm about how Atlanna betrayed Atlantis by having a child with a surface dweller, which had affected Orm greatly. Others: Joe Chill | Zod | Joker | Steppenwolf, Suicide Squad Years later, the Men-of-War soldiers under the orders of King Orvax found Atlanna at the Curry Lighthouse and demanded that she would go back to him and marry him or they would kill her and Thomas Curry. Suicide Squad: Deadshot | Harley Quinn | Captain Boomerang | El Diablo | Killer Croc | Slipknot | Amanda Waller

Rhombus | As a result, while still superhumanly strong, Orvax will be somewhat weaker while on land, than he would be underwater. As a child he learnt that he had an older brother stuck on the surface world who was the child of his mother and a surface-dweller named Tom Curry, his name was Arthur. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Orvax Marius was an Atlantean king who was betrothed to Queen Atlanna of Atlantis, even though she did not love him. Sword of Rao: Zod | Faora-Ul | Nam-Ek | Jax-Ur | Tor-An | Car-Vex | Nadira | Dev-Em II, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice But Orvax was neither a decent father nor spouse, any more than he was the most stable candidate chosen for monarchy. Awesome Threesome | He quickly made e… Characteristics C'est un vrai séducteur qui multiplie les … Leron |

Following the Battle of Half-Axe Pass, the Empire deported captured Nosaurian women and children there. Aquaman Villains | Dead Water | Marius s'épanouit dans les métiers liés à la communication et aux domaines artistiques. ✓. The Thirst | It was implied in the movie that he was abusive towards Atlanna and Orm, even though Orm still has respect for him. Marius a défini une nouvelle figure de chef militaire. Marius peut facilement développer des compétences musicales. He was the former King of Atlantis who was married to Atlanna and is the father/predecessor to Orm Marius/Ocean Master. Origin Male He was the son of the Atlantean military chief Orvax Marius and the queen of Atlantis Atlanna. Fleet Captain Orviax est une nouvelle solution entièrement végétale et naturelle pour combattre l'impuissance sexuelle et l'éjaculation précoce. Instead this enraged Atlanna enough to drive her Royal Scepter through his heart, killing him.

After they married, they had a child, Orm Marius, whom Orvax had trained to be next king of Atlantis like him.

DC Comics Extended Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Il aime se cultiver et multiplie les centres d'intérêt et les activités artistiques ou sportives. Jaffar | Black Clad: Black Clad Alpha All their abilities are by-products of their bodies being adapted to survive unprotected in the tremendous pressures of the ocean depths. Being an adamant Atlantean xenophobe who hated airbreathing civilization, this was a well known and horrendous hobby of his. During his early life, Orvax Marius was king of Atlantis and was betrothed to Queen Atlanna, but she did not love him and instead sired Arthur with Thomas Curry on the Surface World. Ocean Master | Black Manta | Murk | Jesse Kane | The Trench | Orvax Marius, Shazam!

This character, team or organization, is or was primarily an enemy of Aquaman, or members of the Aquaman Family. where's the fun in that?' Blue Nuliajuk | After she defeated them, Atlanna decided to back to Atlantis and marry Orvax in order to keep them safe from him. When Atlanna escaped from Atlantis in order to escape the arranged marriage, Orvax had sent Men-of-War soldiers to hunt her down and bring her back to Atlantis. In the comics, Orvax Marius was a former fleet Captain for the Men-of-War and the former King of Atlantis. Maul assumed that Kilindi, a Nautolan and fellow cadet of his at the Orsis Academy, was from her species' homeworld, Glee Anselm.


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