Crucified 3.

Bunch of crazy assholes causing more harm than good. Wisdom Through Agony Into Illumination and Lunacy vol. S: War has always fascinated me, more or less. Why not just say that you guys play Black Metal? Alghazanth - L.O.V.E. Bandcamp Album of the Day Aug 15, 2019, A corrosive mix of death, doom, psychedelia, and black metal, the Portland quartet’s debut full-length is a bona fide underground monolith that shapeshifts with each listen, all while maintaining its essential heaviness. We wouldn’t get good deals because we’re virtually unknown and then again we have zero interest in sleeping in the back of some van just because we need to do a gig. Omniverse 7. - noise/grind/dronecore krude theorien & bizarre rituale, released 04 july 2014 1. alles beim alten 2. der kreisel 3. rost & ratten 4. seifenblasen 5. das nest 6. wunsch & wirklichkeit 7. tag ein - tag raus 8. frÄulein cholera teil 1 9. frÄulein cholera teil 2 10. kind gottes 11. grau regiert 12. I don’t want to glorify it, but not deny its meaning either. TIBM:  Can we expect new material from Annihilatus soon or are the fans of the band in for another long break? Unquestionable evil? Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 16, 2020, Bandcamp Daily  your guide to the world of Bandcamp, Slugdge’s Mollusk-Based Metal Examines a World on the Brink of Collapse, The Black Metal Magic of I, Voidhanger Records, Big Ups: The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle. S: The thing is, we never split up nor we ever planned to retire or quit. I’m not trying to convince anybody or to preach them. S: At this phase and age of life, touring doesn’t sound too fascinating. Silent Annihilation by ANIHILA, released 01 May 2019 1. The Los Angeles outfit, led by Keir Gilchrist of "Atypical" fame, barrel through six molten-hot death-metal tracks with reckless abandon. On their fourth and best record, the heavy metal duo raise exultant riffs in celebration of perseverance and strength. I was like what the fuck. Your last full length came out in 2002. Annihilatus (Finland) – Blood And War (Full Length) 2002. Satan Becoming 2. S: I think many bands say that only because they like to think they are free of these thoughts, but I don’t think it’s true.

Annihilatus (殲滅白書 (Annihilatus) , Senmetsu Hakusho (Annihilatus)?, lit.

Don’t know or really care if that makes sense to some younger generation or not. Check. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 2020 release. TIBM: And if you did tour which countries would be at the top of your list to visit and why those countries in particular? Given that I listen to hundreds of releases every year, I can’t say how much I’m influenced by those. There is no clear evidenced of that anyway.

Meaning of life in biological and ideological (philosophical, if you will) sense vary a lot from each other. To be honest, we might be even more DM-influenced than BM-influenced! Locus Meropis 6. 2. So the first songs were done in a couple of rehearsal days. Devilspawn - Burialmound 7. TIBM: What exactly drew you to this sub-genre and when did you realize that you wanted to write this kind of music? Fairytales and ghosts, if you will. TIBM: You often say that you are not political and you are not a fan of political expression in Black Metal, but you play war metal and in the words of famous Prussian general and military theorist Carl von Clausewitz, “Politics is war by other means.”  Why shouldn’t politics play a role in music? TIBM: let’s talk a little about your new album Death From Above. All forms of destruction and reducing things to nothing fascinated me. Intro (Prelude to War) 2. Impaled Nazarene - Satan Wants You Dead 9. I am not at peace: I don’t want to find justification for the sufferings I see.” Jean-Paul Sartre, Iron in the Soul Annihilatus - Christian Slut 4. What fucking nonsense. Jatkosota by Woodcut Records, released 01 January 2002 1. Machine 3. Everything would be new and different for us anyway.

I didn’t want one of those metalcorish names – you know the ones with a multitude of words, like sentences – but something that is simple to understand, and maybe even relatable. We had some disagreements in the past and decided to take a break. Check. Barbaric Finnish war metal since 1999! Christian Slut 6. I even used the Wayback Machine to inspect their old website and it only had a handful of tiny live photos from the year 2000. Vigor Reconstruct: A Benefit For The Soroka Family. But was it an accident or purposefully? S: Hell no. “A dead soldier. What lead me to this (rather mid-tempo and barbaric style of the music) comes from my background with Death Metal and Black Metal alike. This Is Black Metal set down to discuss this topic with Serpent from the Finnish war Black Metal band Annihilatus which released a new album titled Death From Above in 2019.

This Is Black Metal:  Why did you choose the name of the band – Annihilatus? TIBM: What is your view on other religious bands be they satanic or christian? Fanatics of Battle 7. TIBM:  What comes first? So this “modern” Finnish bm sound owes a lot to bands like Horna and Behexen. Check. When we were kids, we had games like cop and robber, cowboys and (American) Indians and so forth.

A Nappy Nina interview plus soulful and lo-fi vibes from Knxledge, Jada Imani, and more. This Is Black Metal Webzine set down and discuss with Serpent their musical influences, the story behind this project and their latest release "Death From Above".

There’s nothing, in particular, we or I aim to annihilate or making into nothing, but it kind of sums up the mentality of destruction, bringing all and everything into nothing.

Nobody knows for sure. Why is the distinction so important?

infant annihilator. And why? Apocalyptic thrash? All this might not be real, but just dreaming. lived up to their own rules, but fuck no: there are pedophile priests and all kinds of power-crazy lunatics in power. I do read and watch interesting tv series, too. But most of the time riff or two come first and lyrics might not even take place until the song is finished.

Illumined by the lights of Aurora Borealis, Finland is a gem tucked just about as far North as one can go on the European continent. Doesn’t matter if we talk about cardinals and popes of today or those who did witch-hunts in the past, it’s all just some sadistic, crazy and utterly disgusting people in that. Bolt Thrower from Death Metal, Ildjarn from Black Metal. Country of origin: Poland Location: Perzów, Greater Poland Status: Active Formed in: 1993 Genre: Black Metal Lyrical themes: Paganism, Anti-Christianity, Darkness Why the long break and what made you come out of retirement? I know it is mandatory evil to have, but it’s not my game. I think Descartes got it by stating that only thing we can be sure is that we do exist.

I’ve always been a fan of simple, straight-to-the-point kind of names, like Death and Slayer, and also Annihilation or Annihilator, but of course, all the best names were already taken when we started in 1999.

Our biological vessels, bodies, start to rot. It seems to me that because of your role as a reviewer and interviewer on the Rauta youtube channel you don’t have that luxury. A song can have its idea, like a line or two, a long time before the actual song is written. Some parts have been already recorded and all the songs are more or less finished in terms of song-writing. Fist-pumping hooks? Arrival - Spacepenetrator 5. Suffocating black metal in the Swedish style that mercifully throws in a bit of melody to save the listener from total darkness. metal warmongers Annihilatus are back stronger than ever before.


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